Add Proper Index Table For Slow Query MYSQL

For software engineer especially on the backend, might have faced issue slow query in the Production environment. This happens when the query that builds in the development environment only has small data set and shows good query time. Maybe first-time query landing on production environment everything just fine, just like a time bomb, production dataset getting bigger and the query time is slowing down and your alert system notifies you for the slow query, or database CPU got high. If you are unlucky (don’t have a good alert system) and your boss will alert you and it is time for you to hurry and hotfix.

If you have identified the problem slow query, the quick solution is to add more indexes to the related table. Adding more index comes with a cost, it is affect writing performance. But at that time it is your quickest fix you can take.

If you are guessing when decide which columns table to be added and your database are MYSQL, you might try EXPLAIN command of MYSQL to get insight into what your query did. Here a quick example of how EXPLAIN command will help you.

You have found this query is slow in your production database.

FROM h INNER JOIN p ON = p.h_id
WHERE p.d_id = 26356

This query takes for (Hold your comment I know its consider a fast query but you will see the difference next)

Example image

Then you can run EXPLAIN before your query

FROM h INNER JOIN p ON = p.h_id
WHERE p.d_id = 26356

And you will get this

Example image

Details explanation of output of command EXPLAIN you will get in here

See red mark on column key and the first row, it means your query look over table p without index, identified by null value. Then you see a red mark on column rows and the first row, for p table MySQL do examine 218404 row in the table, this is total data in table p. And on Extra, it tells that examines p table is using where condition not index.

And you need to see a red mark on columns ref and the second row and this is what you are looking at. This is the table column that you need to add the index. In this example I add index for column p.h_id with index name idx_h_id.

If in your case the value of ref is you think is not relevant, you need to decide by yourself which column to add a new index to reduce the high value of row. The lower number of row will faster your query.

Now if I run EXPLAIN again the result will be like this.

Example image

See the row value decrease from 218404 to 10 and on table p row the new index idx_h_id is used in the query process. And the query time is faster now. On Extra it tells that p table is now using index while scanning.

Example image

Hope it helps you! Put your comment below.




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